More Afraid of You

Scuttle and freeze in dusty cracks –

peripheral motion, primordial fear.

Disarming deceit to placate bawling brood:

“More afraid of you”.


Pander to presbyopic perceptions

belying boundaries, borders, beliefs –

sideways, forward, up, down, when.

Blinkered, imprisoned, submission to senses.


Transient terrestrial intrusions crouch,

squat, octopedal, corruption incarnate.

Polyocular, prescient omnipresence –

my name is Legion, and many are my names.


Predestined powerless, personification.

Judged like Judas, existential obligation.

Arachnid adversary, Lord of deception,

whispering lies to the dragon in Eden


Warfare in heaven, divinity sleeps.

Naïve and credulous, unable to see.

My expanse swallows galaxies, you’re nothing to me.

You were mine from the moment you ate from the tree.


Yet you named me spider, believe you’re superior.

Your laughable arrogance, collaborative dissonance.

The Philistines saw me, and named me in kind –

Baal Zebub, of Ekron, the Lord of the Flies.


Camouflage malevolence with linguistic indifference.

You knew all along Vav Vav Vav was my mark.

You diluted the language, like lambs to the slaughter.

It’s true, I have you to thank for the W.


You did it for me, from singular bait –

prehistoric suggestion, a subtle temptation.

You volunteer vacant vermicular vassalage.

Welcome home, one and all,

to my wonderful worldwide web.